Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Second Language Teaching

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La ropa y la identidad

Designer: Claudia Quevedo-Webb, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Instructional
University of Chicago
Targeted Learners Institution: University Level
Targeted Learners Background: Non-native speakers
Targeted Learners: Novice (Mid), Novice (High)
Social Justice Topic: The relationship between identity and clothing
Goals: To be able to use the vocabulary of clothing to reflect on how clothes have been used as a way of expression for minority groups in the target culture and their own.
Characteristics: Cultural focused, Awareness-raising
Type of materials (Images): pictures
Type of materials (Texts): article, independent online search
Type of materials (Audio-Visual): N/A
Task Type: Awareness-raising, Description, Presentation
Cognitive Skills: Identifying, Researching, Discussing, Presenting, Producing
Language Skills: Reading comprehension, Reading to speak / to write, Speaking / Pronunciation
World-Readiness Standards: Communications, Connections, Cultures
3Ps: Practices