Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Second Language Teaching

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Hogares sostenibles y económicos en Argentina

Designer: Juan A. Godoy Peñas, Ph.D. University of Cincinnati
Claudia Quevedo-Webb, Ph.D. University of Chicago
Targeted Learners Institution: University Level
Targeted Learners Background: Non-native speakers
Targeted Learners: Intermediate (Low), Intermediate (Mid)
Social Justice Topic: Housing and social class
Goals: Learners will be able to describe, identify and compare the different types of housing and their parts to reflect on the issues of affordability and sustainability and the relationships between housing and social class.
Characteristics: Linguistic outcome, Non-linguistic outcome, Cultural focused, Awareness-raising, Critical thinking
Type of materials (Images): pictures
Type of materials (Texts): article, independent online search
Type of materials (Audio-Visual): video
Task Type: Argumentation/debate, Awareness-raising, Classification/grouping, Comparing and contrasting, Decision-making, Description, Problem-solving
Cognitive Skills: Describing, Matching, Identifying, Choosing, Interpreting, Summarizing, Researching, Discussing, Applying, Analyzing, Comparing, Explaining, Justifying, Producing
Language Skills: Multimodal
World-Readiness Standards: Communications, Connections, Cultures, Communities
3Ps: Products, Practices, Perspectives