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El mundo laboral en España

Designer: Claudia Quevedo-Webb, Ph.D.
Juan A. Godoy Peñas, Ph.D.
Targeted Learners Institution: University Level
Targeted Learners Background: Non-native speakers
Targeted Learners: Novice (Low), Novice (Mid)
Social Justice Topic: Who does what jobs in Spain?
Goals: Learners will be able to describe, analyze and discuss the job market to reflect on the disparities and inequalities among different members of Spain and of their own communities.
Key words:
Characteristics: Linguistic outcome, Non-linguistic outcome, Cultural focused, Awareness-raising, Critical thinking
Type of materials (Images): pictures, graphics
Type of materials (Texts): news, ad
Type of materials (Audio-Visual): interview
Task Type: Argumentation/debate, Awareness-raising, Classification/grouping, Comparing and contrasting, Decision-making, Description, Interview, Presentation
Cognitive Skills: Describing, Defining, Matching, Identifying, Choosing, Classifying, Interpreting, Researching, Discussing, Interviewing, Presenting, Analyzing, Comparing, Producing
Language Skills: Listening comprehension, Listening to speak / to write, Reading comprehension, Reading to speak / to write, Speaking / Pronunciation
World-Readiness Standards: Communications, Connections, Cultures, Communities, Comparisons
3Ps: Products, Practices, Perspectives